The Collection

Ultimate Fantasy no.111 Queer Geographer (audio cassette preview, video not for sale)


Ultimate Fantasy is a collection of short stories, poetry and art generated by Queer AI, an artificial intelligence trained on a corpus of queer theatre.

Mint Date

TBD at 11:11am Eastern Time.

Collection Size

111 NFTs


4 Different background gradients. Tropical palette.

Generative Token

NFTs will be randomly generated on mint on fxhash.

111 Poems - nft preview

Text only. No Sound. Background gradients vary. Prompts used to generate the texts were adapted from works of queer theory, a queer history of computing, queer spirituality, and some original material written by the artist.

Limited Edition Book + Cassette

Limited edition softcover book and audio cassette of complete stories from the collection.

book cover for the Ultimate Fantasy collection
softcover book
cassette tape cover for the Ultimate Fantasy collection
audio cassette