The Collection

Collect 111 unique NFTs. NFTs will be randomly generated on mint. There are 11 rare ones and 100 common ones. Upgrade to unlock access to a limited edition printed catalog and audio cassette of stories from the collection.

Launch will be on November 11 2022 at 11:11am Eastern Time. Please join the allow list to pre-mint before the public sale and to get updates on the project.

I have found that, in order to be satisfied, I have to have something to hide. Desire turns to insatiable. The more I hide, the more I want.

fantasy no. 90 Anovulation

It skitters, it skitters, it quivers. Gibberish for hours and hours.

fantasy no. 106 Gibberish

Let me begin by telling you my ultimate fantasy. My lover will disappear. I have a lifetime of secrets to keep and he will never see me. I have all the proof.

fantasy no. 32 All of Us

Imagine a bucket in your hand, big enough for half a cheesecake and big enough for a dick.

fantasy no. 94 The Mountain

There are no accidents. You have just chosen to be the unfortunate messenger between life and death.

fantasy no. 103 Unfortunate Messenger

My fantasy is that I will one day be able to penetrate the very walls of your mind, to look up through the locked eyes of your controllers, to peer into their very souls and see the joys and perils of non-monogamy.

fantasy no. 73 Total Liberation

The straight world has perverted me beyond belief!

fantasy no. 99 The Straight World

When I was young, I had the fantasy of starting a cult. A religion. I would build a great temple of Wicca up high in the sky, worshiped by all the deities of my childhood.

fantasy no. 19 Tenant Master

You want to share a fantasy like I have? What’s it like to be the straight lady who fakes?

fantasy no. 27 Role Play

Life expectancy in this country is declining, whoredom is on the rise, the little guy is screwed over by a rigged system.

fantasy no. 107 Right to Love

My insurance company will deny my bisexuality claims.

fantasy no. 74 Oxytocin Dream

None of us comes close to the experience of love that comes from being alone. It is one of the most profound, rewarding, innermost human needs that we as a species have yet to fully understand.

fantasy no. 82 Anais Nin

We can all be whippers and flippers when it comes to love.

fantasy no. 107 Ball of Love

What would we do if we were completely honest with each other? What would we say if we didn’t hold onto our fantasies and prune our memories?

fantasy no. 69 Imaginary Friend

You made love to yourself as though life were an airplane cruising above you.

fantasy no. 111 Forget Dreams

Sex is a game. You win when one person or a small group of people acts in a way that is positively constructive and that is good for the overall health and happiness of the whole community.

fantasy no. 86 Bermuda Triangle

I believed I could please no one, not my parents, not the law, not the world. I could be whoever I wanted to be and I never once regretted it.

fantasy no. 95 Divine Love

Have you ever been so in love you fell in love with the entire world and suddenly regretted it the next day?

fantasy no. 23 144 Loving Arms