Ultimate Fantasy
by Queer AI

Collect short stories, poetry, and art generated by Queer AI, an artificial intelligence trained on a corpus of queer theatre. Money raised will help fund Love Corpora and support a community of AI practitioners interested in ethical experimentation, p2p education, and DIY cultural production.

Ultimate Fantasy
Queer AI
Ultimate Fantasy

Let’s say you are one of those who have tried to live our lives boldly, truthfully, and joyously. You have boldly taken up arms against the repressive forces that have attempted to silence you.

Queer Geographer

Queer AI
Ultimate Fantasy
Queer AI
Ultimate Fantasy

What would we do if we were completely honest with each other? What would we say if we didn’t hold onto our fantasies and prune our memories?

Imaginary Friend

Queer AI
Ultimate Fantasy
Queer AI
Ultimate Fantasy

I don’t think you have a monopoly on desire.

Areas of Concentration

Queer AI
book cover for the Ultimate Fantasy collection
limited edition book

For You

Supporters can receive:

  • beautiful digital art
  • limited edition book of short stories
  • limited edition cassette of short stories
  • early access to test AI models trained on Love Corpora
cassette tape cover for the Ultimate Fantasy collection
limited edition audio cassette

For Us

Funds help support:

  • creating Love Corpora
  • fine-tuning / hosting GPT-J and BLOOM models
  • workshop facilitators
  • community moderators
  • zines and art publications
  • bot releases
  • custom software
  • third eye activation
Why Love? Text, audio and human avatar are 100% AI generated. Script adapted from Ultimate Fantasy no.111 and no.112. Turn on closed captions for English.

Unsupervised Pleasures

DIY community library and practice space using queer methodologies, decolonial and other non-normative frameworks to create datasets, machine learning models, bots, zines, publications, and art with text-generating AI

Who Benefits

For Collectors


Collect strange and beautiful digital artworks and texts generated by Queer AI. Buy more than one NFT to unlock access to a limited edition softcover book and audio cassette of stories from the collection. That's it!

For Artists

Queer Everything

Do you create AI-generated art and texts? Do you build AI-powered chatbots or poetry bots? Do you make videogames, write songs, speculative fiction or have a practice that calls for un/worlding? Supporters get early access to tools and datasets built by us to make your projects.

For Educators


Tired of bias in AI? Help us challenge the capitalist, racist, transphobic, homophobic, misogynistic, xenophobic, settler-colonial, ableist ideologies baked into machine learning datasets and models. Help us create new datasets and tools that center historically excluded and misrepresented people and knowledge – respectfully – with consent and citations.

For Collaborators

Make friends

Meet other people using queer methodologies, glitch feminism and decolonial approaches to find pleasure and un/make things with A.I. Contribute subject matter expertise, help curate datasets, come to a workshop, and make new friends! Funds raised will help pay stuff we need to exist.


2023 Q1 planning
2023 Q2 working groups
2023 Q3 clean data
2023 Q4 create datasets
2023 Q4 train model
2024 Q1 beta testing
2024 Q2 launch Discord
2024 Q2 community workshop
2024 Q2 create zine no.1
2024 Q3 launch zine no. 1
2024 Q4 repeat

Begin compiling wish list of texts for Love Corpora with community input.

Create working groups. Make friends! Start acquiring texts and datasets for Love Corpora.

Create custom software for text-conversion and data pre-processing. Begin data "cleaning"

Create Love Corpora Datasets

Finetune custom GPT-J and BLOOM AI models using Love Corpora

Build first text generating bot with Love Corpora model. Invite beta testers.

Launch Community Discord Server. Invite community members to generate stories, songs, poems, etc with Love Corpora model.

Community Workshop no.1

Create Unsupervised Pleasures zine issue no.1

Launch zine issue no.1

3 more quarters of workshops and zine making! 👻


NFT Split




        TBD at 11:11am Eastern Time. Join the list to mint early. Follow Emily on Twitter or Instagram for project updates.

        NFT stands for non-fungible token. "Non-fungible" means that it is completely unique; "token" means that it can be transferred on a blockchain. Essentially, NFTs are assets that carry a unique digital identity and can be traded between users on a public blockchain. Because NFT ownership can be instantly and easily verified on the blockchain, NFTs can act as proof of ownership.

        NFT artwork is one common use case of NFTs. NFT art comes in various forms, such as static and dynamic images, music and videos, and more. Additional information related to each NFT can be stored within the NFT's metadata, giving each asset a unique history.

        Many people wonder if buying an NFT is just like purchasing a JPG image online. The answer is no— NFTs are completely different from regular images online. They have unique identities and a trackable history, allowing them to be scarce and carry provenance.

        Once an NFT is created on the blockchain, anyone can view it, see which wallet owns it, and download the artwork file. NFT owners can also view the NFT in their wallet, transfer it (for example, to another preferred wallet), and sell it.

        Your NFT entitles you to use the creative content to which ULTIMATE FANTASY NFT relates in accordance with the licence granted by the copyright owner of the creative content to the holder of your ULTIMATE FANTASY NFT.

        ULTIMATE FANTASY NFTs can be sold on any NFT marketplace that supports the Tezos blockchain, subject to certain royalty charges that are specified in your ULTIMATE FANTASY NFT metadata. If you own the NFT, you can connect your wallet to FxHash and put the NFT up for sale there.

        NFTs will be available on fxhash.xyz

        Important: You will need to set up a Tezos Wallet to get a Tezos address, which you will need in order to receive your NFT.

        For cash donations:
        venmo @queerai
        paypal @queerai

        For crypto donations:
        queerai.nft - ETH/ER20 on Polygon ⛓ or Ethereum ⛓
        queerai.tez - XTZ on Tezos ⛓
        queerai.btc - STX on Stacks ⛓

        For in-kind donations:

        If you are in tech, it would be amazing to get some GPU cloud computing time or hardware suitable for fine-tuning and running GPT-J or BLOOM machine learning models.

        If you are a publisher, library, archivist, we would love access to any digital archives, especially those focused on LQBTQIA+ histories; unending love for any Latin American and Caribbean content en ingles y español. 🐚

        Please contact us with your ideas or offerings. Grateful for anything you think would help! 🐬

        For collaborators:

        If you are an artist, educator, writer, technologist, researcher or other human interested in developing p2p education tools, making art with AI, exploring DIY publishing, or practicing how to build text-generating machine learning models using ethicial frameworks, please join our mailing list.

        Not yet. But we are considering launching a Discord server for beta testing our custom AI models/bots and for organizing our creative community.

        Royalties are the amount of money a creator gets from an artwork sale. They are defined in the NFT and cannot be changed. On primary sales, royalties for ULTIMATE FANTASY NFTs are split between Emily Martinez (90%), FxHash (2.5%), and donation TBD (7.5%). On secondary sales, royalties are set to 10% for the artist (Emily Martinez).

        Please note: there are additional platform fees that vary depending on the NFT marketplace you choose to sell your NFT. FxHash charges a 2.5% service fee on trades.

        Books and cassettes are limited edition and only available through this fundraiser at this time.

        Ultimate Fantasy is a collection of AI-generated stories that take the form a physical book, audio cassette and digital art. Unsupervised Pleasures is a community practice space. The goal of this fundraiser is to raise money to sustain Unsupervised Pleasures.

        Love Corpora will be a collection of data sources featuring texts that orient towards life and liberation. It will include, but not be limited to works that center queer love, an ethics of embodiment and care, decolonial perspectives, and practices of commoning and mutual aid. We will create this collection with community input and contributor consent. We also plan to turn this into a publicly available library with full transparency about its contents, licensing terms, and collection methodologies. Learn more.

        I was awarded a grant by The Mintery, an initiative by the Stacks Foundation to help artists launch an NFT collection. Instead of minting a collection for its own sake, I decided to use the funds to self-publish this book and audio cassette, and to put together this fundraiser.

        I also have mixed feelings about NFTs. Perhaps you do too. I have found these resources helpful for understanding the broader history of decentralization and networked activism vs "web3", as well as for figuring out my own relationship to these technologies and power:

        Here are more inspiring resources for how to make these technologies more useful, equitable and acountable:

        It me

        photo of Emily Martinez

        Emily Martinez is a new media artist working with machine learning, queer methodologies, and consensual tech. Emily is a 1st generation immigrant/refugee (Cuba > Miami) and a self-taught coder who believes in the tactical misuse of technology. Her previous collaborations include Queer AI and Anxious to Make.


        All artworks and texts created by Emily using the Queer AI GPT-2 model.

        "I am your worst fear I am your best fantasy / FIRST GAY AMERICANS" font by Genderfail / Be Oakley

        Publication design by Struō

        LET ME BEGIN BY TELLING YOU MY ULTIMATE FANTASY. . . Deep into your soul, you know you want me to take you to a secluded place away from the crowd and show you the beauty and ecstasy of love. No one has to see that, not your parents, not your co-workers. Or your doctor. Or your priest. The alternative? What about deep-rooted? What about love?