Unsupervised Pleasures

Unsupervised Pleasures is a DIY community library and practice space for people interested in using queer methodologies, glitch feminism, decolonial and other non-normative frameworks to make friends and un/make things with AI.

Funding Goals

Our goal with this NFT fundraiser is to raise enough money to cover one year of operating expenses for our community, including stipends for contributors, purchasing digital texts to create datasets, and infrastructure costs such as GPU cloud computing time.

Project Goals

  • Making AI more accessible and pleasurable for beginners in a supportive environment.
  • Centering historically excluded and misrepresented people and knowledge, respectfully and consensually.
  • Developing deeper practice with queer, glitch feminism, and decolonial methodologies.
  • Focusing primarily on language models (GPT-J) and mutlimodal AI using language prompts (VQGan+Clip)
  • Setting up guidelines for preparing datasets that protect the bodies of knowledge of our communities.
  • Building machine learning models trained with our datasets.
  • Releasing Discord bots, Twitter bots, and other bots trained on our models.
  • Creating art, zines and art publications.
  • Making (some of) our dataset library publicly available.

Who is responsible for this community?

Unsupervised Pleasures will be stewarded by Emily Martinez (me) and Sarah Ciston, a PhD candidate in Media Arts and Practice at USC who is developing an Intersectional AI Toolkit. Sarah is a self-described "poet-programmer who loves building community through creative-critical code".

Sarah and I both love making zines, building language bots, and are actively working on creating our first dataset collection focused on an ethics of care and mutual aid, and philosophies deeply rooted in love and reciprocity.

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