Help Fund Our Work

All profits from NFT sales will fund Unsupervised Pleasures, a community of AI practicioners interested in ethical experimentation, p2p education, and DIY cultural production.

Funding Goals

The purpose of this fundraiser is to raise money to cover operating expenses for our community, including stipends for contributors, purchasing digital texts to create datasets, and infrastructure costs such as GPU cloud computing time.

Project Goals

  • Making AI more accessible and pleasurable for beginners in a supportive environment.
  • Centering historically excluded and misrepresented people and knowledge, respectfully and consensually.
  • Developing deeper practice with queer, glitch feminism, and decolonial methodologies.
  • Working primarily with language models; training custom models from "scratch" + finetuning large language models (BLOOM, GPT-J)
  • Setting up guidelines for preparing datasets that protect the bodies of knowledge of our respective communities.
  • Creating Love Corpus, a dataset collection made with community input and contributor consent; focusing on queer love, an ethics of care, and practices of commoning and mutual aid.
  • Making machine learning models trained with our custom datasets.
  • Releasing Discord bots, Twitter bots, and other bots trained on our models.
  • Creating art, zines and art publications.
  • Making a publicly available dataset library from our Love Corpus.

Who is stewarding this?

photo of Emily Martinez

Emily Martinez is a new media artist working with machine learning, queer technologies, and consensual tech. She is a 1st generation immigrant/refugee (Cuba > Miami) and a self-taught coder who believes in the tactical misuse of technology. Her previous collaborations include Queer AI and Anxious to Make.

photo of Sarah Ciston

Sarah Ciston is a self-described poet-programmer who loves building community through critical-creative code and bringing Intersectional approaches to AI. They are a PhD candidate in Media Arts and Practice at USC and Artistic Research Resident at AI Anarchies in Berlin.

👀 Wanna Collaborate? Join us!

Our community will be open to artists, researchers, and other small communities interested in working with similar methodologies and their own datasets.

Please join our mailing list and follow @aipleasures to get updates and invites to future things. 🌸